Leaked Classified FBI Memo Shows Seth Rich had DNC Emails on His Laptop

Leaked Classified FBI Memo Shows #SethRich had DNC Emails on His Laptop

Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich has long been suspected of being the source who leaked thousands of Democratic National Committee emails to online whistleblower organization WikiLeaks. Even Wikileaks founder Julian Assange alluded to the possibility that Rich was killed for what he knew.

And while the Democratic Party has made every effort to discredit any connection between Rich’s murder and WikiLeaks, going so far as to target anyone who makes mention of it with character assassination or censorship, the following document from the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirms at least part of the story.

According to Borderland Alternative Media, who obtained a heavily redacted memo from an anonymous FBI source, the document sheds more light into the Seth Rich murder investigation, noting that he did, in fact, have DNC emails on his computer. And though it is unclear what connection the FBI made with the DNC or Wikileaks, both are mentioned in the memo.

In the heavily redacted memo we see Seth Rich’s name. The email states that the laptop contained DNC and Wikileaks information.

At the bottom right it has code that can be used to look up the official FBI memo SCRDC-408

What that code means is name of person being looked into. “SCR” Seth Conrad Rich. Location “DC” with “408” documents. Any FBI Memo, if it’s a target of an investigation will show a code that can be used by journalists to request a FOIA. So FOIA experts can use that code and obtain a less redacted version.

Because of the heavy redaction, it is unclear what connection, if any, has been established by the FBI between Rich, the DNC and WikiLeaks, because it only contains partial information.:


At approximately 10:17 a.m., on July 15… [REDACTED]

… report, scr laptop, DC Police… [REDACTED]


Custody of Laptop was… [REDACTED]

emails detailed DNC …[REDACTED]… ig with wikileaks, DC Police Doc…. [REDACTED]

Set [REDACTED] ich report filed [REDACTED]

Here is the full redacted memo:

The official story is that the laptop was retrieved by the police and has since stayed in their custody. Sources say that is true, but there is a twist. The Police couldn’t unlock the laptop and called the FBI for assistance to unlock it. A technician was sent out to unlock the laptop and during that time the FBI retrieved the information off of Rich’s computer. There they found 44,055 emails and 17,764 attachments.

The emails detailed DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz talking of freezing other candidates out and suspicion of WikiLeaks whistle-blowers within DNC.

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