VIDEO: Londoners Chant President Trump’s Name

Londoners Chant President Trump’s Name

The world is in shock once again, as another horrific incident took place in Britain. President Trump was one of the first world leaders to send his prayers with the families of the victims, and while doing so, he once again made the importance of the Muslim Ban clear, as the more we leave ourselves vulnerable and open, the more incidents will keep on stacking up.

Well, the rallying people of London seems to have made it VERY clear  to the rest of the world, on whose side they are on – and no, they are not on Merkel’s side or the Democrats’. Instead, they were walking down the streets of london chanting the lines “Donald Trump, We Love You” most likely because he is one of the few world leaders which are willing to do everything to put an end to terrorism.

While Trump made clear his position, not all leaders are interested into keeping terrorists away from their countries. Some of them are actually trying to convince their citizens that they should find a way to live with it. Well, at least that’s what London Major Sadiq Khan thinks.

Khan never did anything to stop terrorists from killing innocent people. Londoners are aware of that and now they are furious. They even chanted President Trump’s name instead of his. Khan was never the real father of the city, and his people let him know that they don’t like him.

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