VIDEO: More Leaked Footage of CNN’s Staged Muslim Anti-Terror Protest

More Leaked Footage of CNN’s Staged Muslim Anti-Terror Protest

Early this week, CNN was accused of staging a Muslim-led anti-terror protest after the London terror attacks. Now, more footage has dropped that shows what happened on the scene before the CNN shot was taken.

A Youtube video taken by Claire Jordan shows her milling around the scene and “protest” prior to CNN lining up the protesters for their on-air shot. CNN has responded calling the allegations “nonsense.”

The crew tightly packs the approximately two dozen protesters together with signs facing the camera, while Anderson monologues about the “beautiful” anti-terror protest.

The video has been circulating around social media and shows CNN reporter Becky Anderson standing by while her crew organizes and directs a group of Muslim protesters holding anti-terror signs.

There is a group of people in the area, both Muslim and non-Muslim, and some of them can be seen handing out bouquets of flowers and posters.

Jordan, narrating the video, observes, “you see more press than anyone else.”

Jordan then crosses the street and shows the Muslim women who were featured on the CNN broadcast. They are located on the opposite side of the street and “they’re taking selfies, none of them have got flowers.”

“I was there just before,” she explains, “and you see, again, this is the group of women and the little boy–they’re just getting their posters now.”

The Muslim women then gather their posters and cross the street to set up for the CNN shot that was used in the broadcast.


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