VIDEO: Chimping Out at a Waffle House Concludes With Five in Custody

Chimping Out at a Waffle House Concludes With Five in Custody

Five female family members were arrested in Pennsylvania after they got in a violent brawl with three other unknown women at a Waffle House restaurant.

The intense scuffle transpired at around 2:45 a.m. in Lancaster, according to the Lancaster Online.

Not many people appear to be trying to break up the fight in the video, as the majority of patrons at that time may be directly involved in the melee.

In the beginning of the video, an onlooker (perhaps the person recording the rowdy incident) excitingly yells “Worldstar,” presumably a reference to the online video blog that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors for this exact kind of content.

While it is not perfectly clear who is fighting who, a barrage of fists are consistently thrown throughout the roughly one-minute video.

“Let’s go. Let’s go. It’s time to go,” one person can be heard yelling, likely advising the participants of the brutal altercation to leave before local authorities arrive.

“Get off my mom. Get off my mom.”

Towards the end of the tussle and as the dust settles, several women leave the scene throwing cups and other items at three others who remain near their seat.

It is not yet clear how or why the brawl started.

Manheim Township police arrested and charged Deborah Shivers (56), Tonisha Shivers (37), Tyneisha Shivers (37), Latonia Shivers (31), and Mercedes Shivers (25) for disorderly conduct, according to the Lancaster Online. All of the relatives, aside from Tonisha who lives in Dallas, reportedly reside in the city of Reading, Penn.


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