Traitorous “Obama People” Left in State Agencies are Seeing that Refugees Keep Rolling In

Traitorous "Obama People" Left in State Agencies are Seeing that Refugees Keep Rolling In

When Donald Trump ran for president, he promised to suspend the resettlement of Syrian refugees and “keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country.”

A week after taking office, he signed an executive order calling for a 120-day pause on the inflow of all refugees, as well as a suspension of the Syrian refugee program. That executive order also included Trump’s 90-day “travel ban” of visa holders from seven terror-prone Islamic nations: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Yemen.

The established political elite, however, fought back.

A federal judge blocked Trump’s executive order, and two other judges blocked a revised version of the order in March, allowing the refugee flow to continue.

Since Jan. 21, the day after Trump took office, the U.S. has resettled 6,512 refugees from the seven countries named in Trump’s original travel ban, according to data from the Refugee Processing Center. Of those, 5,032, or 77 percent, were Muslim. Syria has accounted for 1,711 new refugees since Jan. 21, and 98 percent of them have been Muslim.

Overall, the U.S. has welcomed 17,691 new refugees since Trump’s inauguration, and 6,634 have been identified as Muslim.

Reporter Leo Hohmann who has spent years covering the refugee-resettlement issue, thinks Trump simply was not ready for all the opposition he would face.

“The president, since taking office in January, has shown himself to be woefully unprepared to meet the entrenched challenges to his stated refugee policy, both from the courts, the media and the bureaucracy, or ‘deep state,’” Hohmann said.

“This entire cadre of the ‘establishment’ unleashed an avalanche of activists and media pundits against him that he frankly was just not prepared to meet. The fact that he has been unable to get the vast majority of his appointments through Congress also has not helped.

These agencies at the Department of State, Department of Justice, Homeland Security, etcetera, are stacked to the max with Obama people.”

Hohmann, author of the book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad,” said he believes Trump dropped the ball when he appointed H.R. McMaster as his national security adviser. He called McMaster “a known apologist for Islam” who believes Muslim terrorists are perverting their religion.

“I was also very worried about the appointment of Rex Tillerson to head the State Department,” Hohmann added.

“He ran a global oil company for years, so how can he be anything but a globalist?

“So when you combine the lack of appointees with the fact that several top appointees lack a clear understanding of Islam and its agenda of civilizational jihad against the West, how is it surprising that we have achieved so little in the way of victories?”

Hohmann pointed out the president has enormous authority over the refugee resettlement program. The president can set the ceiling on admissions with a memo to Congress and the State Department, as laid out in the Refugee Act of 1980. But Trump unwisely, in Hohmann’s view, included his refugee ceiling of 50,000 in his infamous “travel ban” executive order, which was struck down by the courts.

A refugee ceiling of 50,000 would represent a dramatic reduction from the ceiling of 110,000 that former President Obama set for fiscal year 2017. However, The Buffalo News reported the State Department quietly abandoned weekly refugee admission quotas last month.

“Budgetary constraints previously limited the number of refugees coming to America in the current fiscal year,” writer Jerry Zremski explained.

“But a State Department spokesman said the temporary budget bill that Trump signed on May 5, which funds the government through Sept. 30, includes full funding for the nation’s refugee resettlement program.”

Therefore, the annual refugee ceiling for FY 2017 reverted to Obama’s level of 110,000, according to the paper. The State Department announcement had Journey’s End Refugee Services, an affiliate of major resettlement contractor Church World Service, planning to welcome a growing wave of refugees to Buffalo, a city that already has welcomed at least 376 new refugees since Trump’s inauguration.

Hohmann does not believe Trump is taking the refugee resettlement issue seriously enough. The veteran journalist warned in his book there is a historic demographic shift of Muslims out of the Middle East and Africa into Western Europe, Canada and the U.S. That shift is known as “civilization jihad,” and the resettlement of Muslim refugees in the West is one component of it.

“This is a situation where 1,500 foreign nationals are entering our country now every week,” Hohmann cautioned.

“In many cases, when they come from chaotic, broken nations like Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, we have no idea who these people are and are simply accepting whatever story they give us about their so-called persecution.

Yet, we allow Christians who are legitimately under a genocide in Iraq and Syria to languish there unprotected.

Something must change, and soon, or there will be no more hint of Christianity in the Middle East, which is where the faith took root 2,000 years ago.

Trump the candidate seemed to understand these troubling trends, but Trump the president seems confused, misdirected and ill-advised.”

Hohmann wishes Trump would fight the establishment on the refugee issue the same way he fought it on the climate change issue.

“I’d like to see the president approach the refugee issue with the same wisdom, energy and courage with which he approached the Paris climate-change deal,” the writer stated.

“It took a lot of guts to defy the globalists and pull out of that bad deal, so we know President Trump has it in him to take on these entrenched, anti-American interests.”

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