Democrats and Lefturds Already Blaming Ossoff Loss on Hacks

Democrats and Lefturds Already Blaming Ossoff Loss on Hacks

Not even 24 hours after Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s special congressional election Tuesday evening, Democrats began blaming the election results on possible hacks.

The special election in Georgia’s 6th district Tuesday night resulted in a 52-48 victory for Republican candidate Karen Handel over Democrat Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old former congressional staffer who did not reside in the district. Democrats are already claiming that Georgia’s voting system is flawed, because it relies entirely upon electronic voting records and has no system of verification, like a simple paper backup system.

Left-leaning media outlets are calling the election results into question, like the Raw Story headline Tuesday night, “No Paper Trail: Georgia’s Antiquated Voting System Prevents An Audit For Hacks.”

In fact, multiple outlets were questioning the Georgia electoral system in the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s vote.

ThinkProgress wrote a story June 16 claiming that the results of the election should be scrutinized, because the state has no verification system in place and state officials have repeatedly refused to address voter’s concerns on the issue. The Nation ran the headline Monday evening, “Karen Handel Has A Long History Of Suppressing Votes.”

“You have an un-provable system,” Pamela Smith, president of Verified Voting, told Wired June 15 regarding Georgia’s electoral system.

“It might be right, it might not be right, and that absence of authoritative confirmation is the biggest problem. It’s corrosive.”

Other outlets also questioned the validity of Georgia’s voting system.

Several factors make Georgia’s voting systems an especially good candidate for hacking:

— POLITICO Magazine (@POLITICOMag) June 18, 2017

The voting system in Georgia, which has a big special election coming up, is super-vulnerable to hacking.

— ProPublica (@ProPublica) June 19, 2017

Democrats first cried wolf about hacking in elections in the 2016 presidential election. The left claimed that Russian interference in the election caused President Donald Trump to defeat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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