Warning: the “Resistance” is Turning Into American “Coup”

Warning: the "Resistance" is Turning Into American "Coup"

Democrats are using the Resistance Summer theme

It’s common knowledge that large numbers of Democrats simply have been unable to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election: a Donald Trump presidency and a departure from socialism of Barack Obama.

Democratic leaders apparently believed Hillary Clinton was entitled to the election, having manipulated their primary system to ensure Sen. Bernie Sanders would not get the nomination, according to hacked emails.

And it’s no surprise that those who still are in a state of glassy-eyed disbelief are setting up a “resistance,” an ongoing opposition to Trump and his agenda. Democrats promised such organized “resistance” even while the last votes were being counted and have followed through with a steadfast refusal to allow even bipartisan plans to move forward. In some cases, the “resistance” has turned violent.

But now it’s gone even further, according to several leading conservative commentators who are warning the nation of a “coup” developing against Trump – an effort, essentially, to overturn the 2016 election.

Even the left sees it, although few admit it.

“A soft coup is underway right here in the United States of America in an attempt to overturn November’s election result, and forcibly remove a duly elected president,” warned Sean Hannity on his Fox News program. 

He said there are several components, the first of which is a “destroy-Trump media” that has been lying to the American public.

Another component of the coup, he said, is the so-called “Russian collusion” claim that insiders in the Trump campaign worked with Russia to interfere in the election.

Then there are the “deep state” lawbreakers, he said, the Obama era leftovers in the federal bureaucracy who are selectively leaking government information to damage the president.

And there’s a DOJ investigation into the alleged “Russian collusion,” with special counsel Robert Mueller stacking his team with Clinton backers who actively opposed Trump.

Hannity said the left is trying to “manufacture” turmoil in Washington.

“The media has one clear shared goal in mind: damage, top Trump’s presidency, by any means necessary,” he said.

Some have gone so far in their claims, he said, they are “unhinged.”

Even Democratic leaders has admitted there’s no evidence of collusion, Hannity has pointed out.

The “deep state” activists, he warned, are “willing to break the law, leaking classified information” in their hatred for Trump.

Fired FBI Director James Comey admitted under oath, for example, to taking government records and leaking them to the media to try to bring about an investigation of Trump, he said.

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly — who was forced from the network after allegations of sexual harassment, which he denies, emerged — is on a tour to rebuild his brand name.

He said recently the “same people who came at me are behind what’s happening to [Trump].”

“I know that this is a fraud being perpetrated on you, the American voters.”

O’Reilly said it’s because “the progressives … didn’t or won’t accept the election.”

The far-left Right Wing Watch blog, an operation of the People for the American Way campaign, quoted Pastor E.W. Jackson asserting on his radio program a “coup d’etat” is underway.

“Folks, hold on to your seats, because I really believe that we are witnessing an attempted coup d’état in America. I’m serious about that.

I believe that we are witnessing an attempted coup d’état in America,” Jackson said.

There are people who are unhappy with Trump’s election who “are dedicated to overthrowing his presidency, dedicated to doing it; if they can’t find something, they’ll make something up.”

But Daily Kos blogger Chris Gray contends it’s Trump who is trying to stage a “slow” coup “to free himself of the constitutional limits on residential power and those oh-so-annoying checks and balances it mandates.”

He argues that Trump can be removed through “the very fuzzy 25th Amendment [that] allows for the replacement of a nonfunctional president on the say so of the vice president and a majority vote of the leaders of the House and Senate and the top 15 cabinet officers.”

“This way of ending Trump’s presidency would not be a coup d’état. For one thing, many of us already believe that Trump is mentally incompetent to be president.

This is actually a good time to use the 25th Amendment.”

But Gray adds:

“Now, if a small group of players decides that this is all too much trouble and kills or injures Trump as a way of ending his presidency, that would be a coup. Heads of state are killed with some regularity, even in the United States. Such a coup need not represent a consensus of elites.”

Gray spent more time warning about the signs of a coup being carried out by Trump, not against him.

“What are the other warnings signs of a Trump coup d’etat?” the column continued,

“In general, over reach. A security and military response that doesn’t match the real threat.

This could include: all commercial air grounded … increased use and powers to Homeland Security centers … mass arrests … censoring the press.

“Really bad signs: Martial law … banning all public assemblies, suspension of habeas corpus … internment camps … nationalization of state national guards.”

U.S. News & World Report took up the argument that impeachment is not considered a coup.

It quoted Dinesh D’Souza commenting, “I fear we’re witnessing nothing less than a coup attempt against a lawfully elected government.” It also noted Gary Bauer, Tom Tancredo, Ben Stein, Lou Dobbs and others have made similar comments.

“Impeachment isn’t a ‘coup,’ and it doesn’t ‘reverse an election.’ It’s a lawful constitutional procedure that James Madison considered ‘indispensable’ for ‘defending the community against the incapacity, negligence or perfidy of the chief magistrate,’” the publication said.

“Impeachment is the process through which the people’s elected representatives can remove a federal officer they’ve determined is unfit for continued service. Its purpose, constitutional scholar Greg Weiner explains, is ‘prophylactic,’ not punitive: ‘to protect the public against his negligence or abuse.’”

As for the claims of “collusion,” historical documents do reveal collusion between U.S. officials and Russia. But was between the Russians and the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.

Today’s Democratic Party, pushed radically leftward by President Barack Obama (whom both former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy and ex-New Left leader David Horowitz accurately call a ‘neocommunist’), has become almost indistinguishable from the Communist Party USA. In case you didn’t know, the CPUSA came into existence as a U.S.-based, Moscow-controlled-and-funded communist party, but has lost most of its influence and support since the Soviet Union collapsed, thanks to President Ronald Reagan. Today, the CPUSA no longer fields its own presidential candidates, but rather, urges voters to support Democrats, having enthusiastically endorsed John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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