Amazon is So Powerful it’s Now Essentially a Film Studio

Amazon is Getting so Powerful, it’s Now Essentially a Film Studio

Amazon is encroaching into new entrepreneurial territory by focusing some of its resources on Hollywood and similar industries.

From self-distributing movies, to continuing to produce and sponsor its own original content, the once relatively simple e-commerce service turned tech conglomerate is pushing ahead in television and cinema.

Amazon is responsible for releasing famous filmmaker Woody Allen’s upcoming movie called “Wonder Wheel,” which is set to open in theaters December 1, 2017, according to Variety. While the tech company began buying and producing films in 2015, it has for the most part only collaborated on smaller, independent studios. Woody Allen’s film could reportedly be a viable contender for an Oscar at the next Academy Awards.

Movies aren’t the only entertainment medium for Amazon. With its subsidiary known as Amazon studios, the company has been commissioning a number of series, some critically acclaimed. Billy Bob Thornton, for example, won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in January, 2017 for his work on Amazon’s legal drama show Goliath.

Now, more recently, Amazon is planning on creating a home makeover show with the purpose of concurrently intriguing viewers, and advertising its retail products. It partnered with a video-production and marketing company called Kin Community to produce a six-episode series featuring a number of highly-watched YouTube stars, as well as items available for immediate sale.

“The goal with this show is to both inspire and entertain,” said Kin Community CEO Michael Wayne, according to Business Insider.

“It’s unique in that it combines the power of Kin’s creator community, the award-winning quality of our production studio and commerce.”

The latest partnership is just the metaphorical tip of the iceberg for Amazon.

Amazon has steadily risen through the ranks of Silicon Valley, growing from a relatively simple e-commerce service many years ago to a company with a stake in several industries, such as cloud computing technology and electronics, like tablets and smart speakers.

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