Senate Blocks Trump from Appointing People During August Recess

Senate Blocks Trump from Appointing People During August Recess

US upper house lawmakers adjourned after agreeing to hold pro forma sessions during the August recess to prevent Trump from making appointments.

The Senate lawmakers adjourned Thursday after agreeing to hold pro forma sessions during the August recess to prevent President Donald Trump from making appointments.

The Senate agreed the move unanimously after the president’s criticism of the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, raised concerns he might be sacked soon. The Senate will convene for pro forma sessions every three days until September. The Hill news outlet reported such meetings typically last for about a minute.

Trump has openly criticized Sessions in a series of Twitter statements in the recent days after the chief prosecutor recused himself from a Justice Department probe into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US election.

Trump also bashed him for not firing several top Justice Department officials and not pursuing a criminal investigation of defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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