Free Speech is Back, With a Vengeance

Free Speech is Back, With a Vengeance

A jew fag, former town clerk, filed a civil-rights lawsuit against the town of Hitchcock, Oklahoma, accusing several residents of repeatedly threatening him for being homosexual and adopting colored son.

According to the lawsuit obtained by the Washington Blade, Randy Gamel-Medler, 59, adopted a 7-year-old black kid and brought him in august 2016 to live with him and his husband in Hitchcock, where he was the town clerk. After losing his position as town clerk, the sneaky jew now tries to play the victim card, and pin the blame on the residents who didn’t approve of his queer actions.

The lawsuit alleges that a large sign was erected across from the post office where Gamel-Medler and his adopted chimp often walked. The sign read: “The town clerk is a fucking queer.”

Gamel-Medler contacted the sheriff, who told him that the sign was covered by “free speech.” 

Employees of the town of Hitchcock called a deputy to file their own complaint. In the presence of the deputy sheriff, one of them said: “Which part of that is not right? You’re a queer aren’t you?”

Undersheriff David Robertson pulled Gamel-Medler aside and advised him and his son to leave. However, Robertson denied that any of the town’s residents were racist or homophobic.

“I got to know him very well from all the complaints and allegations that he made, and I cannot find one person who made any racist statements against his child or against him for being a homosexual,” Robertson said, according to NBC News.

“We don’t take too kindly to being called racist and homophobic, because we’re not.”

Gamel-Medler attempted to file another police report, but the Robertson would not allow him, according to the lawsuit.

In May, Gamel-Medler heard a crash in the garage “like glass breaking” and called the sheriff’s office to report someone breaking into his house. He then saw fire in his garage and called the fire department. The fire station is only one block from Gamel-Medler’s house, but did not respond soon enough, according to the lawsuit. The house burned to the ground while the Meiers, Pauls and the mayor “were in their lawn chairs watching.”

Gamel-Medler alleged that the fire department did nothing to save his house.

“No sirens, no calls to other towns. They didn’t even save the grass,” Gamel-Medler said, according to NBC News.

“All of my family records dating back to the Civil War, photographs, the first seven years of my son’s life, his karate trophy, his bike, his baptism book, all gone.”

Eventually Gamel-Medler did end up stepping down from his position and moved away from the town of Hitchcock. He is claiming injuries in the form of emotional distress, fear for himself and his child, and destruction of his home. He is seeking an award of punitive damages against each of the nine defendants listed in the case.

And this my friends, is how to deal with cultural-marxist jews: Kick them out as they were kicked hundreds of times before during their parasitic history.

If We Don’t Fight For It, The Liberal World Order is Going to Kill Our Way of Life

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