WARNING: Western Women are Ruining Themselves

WARNING: Western Women are Ruining Themselves

Typical parties with male strippers are Women Only

Women are the foundation of any successful civilization because culture passes from mother to child. But in the name of “liberation,” Western women have been brainwashed to adopt a number of traits that make them utterly unsuitable for handing on Western civilization.

But there are ways they are ruining themselves.


Western women have been indoctrinated to ruin themselves through sleeping with a lot of different men before they get married. This means the average girl that you meet while dating has already had sex with several different men before meeting you, and given the wide availability of porn, you can bet that this sex was not limited to the missionary position.

It is also safe to assume that there are compromising photos and videos of her on the phones of various men. Some have mastered the deceitful trick of appearing to look innocent yet at the same time exposing themselves indirectly, even though you may not initially realize it.

Zero self respect demands prince charming !

This is a gigantic problem because exclusivity is the foundation of a man’s love for a woman. This is especially true for young men who have not been married before. There has to be an element of, “this girl is mine and no one else’s.” Female promiscuity before marriage robs men of this certainty. This is why one reason so many men are unwilling to get married. Why risk a potentially expensive divorce for a woman who has slept with the entire roster of her college football team?

But even apart from promiscuity’s effect on bonding between a man and a woman, prior sexual partners can wreak havoc on a marriage in very practical ways. Once a woman has been with a particular man, it is very easy for her to fall back into a physical relationship with him. How many marriages have been destroyed by old flames rekindling a physical relationship through social media?

Don’t expect the promiscuity to be reversed any time soon. From an early age, girls are taught that promiscuity is empowering. One glance at the Cosmopolitan website, a magazine read primarily by young, unmarried women, will demonstrate that their articles presuppose that women will slut it up.

Attention whoring

In the age of the internet, women can’t stop exploiting themselves on the internet in ways that can be described as perverted or even pornographic. Lately we’re seeing new lows where women are doing anything to make a quick buck or achieve overnight fame.

Girls come up with creative excuses, but to the trained eye, they are simply attention whoring. From showcasing their pregnant bodies, to offering to deliver a porn hometape in exchange for social media subscribers, the internet has empowered them to do whatever they please without the fear of consequence.

Before continuing, lets define two things:

  • Prostitution – selling oneself in order for monetary or social gain.
  • Pornography – prostitution on camera.

Kim Kardashian is nothing but a prostitute

Money is the main factor for these kinds of stunts, but others include fame or boredom. Girls crave attention and need the masses, particularly male viewers, to send limitless compliments of how beautiful they are. It’s like a crack addict who needs more and more. One hit isn’t enough, stronger doses are needed.

Women today feel entitled that everybody should witness them flashing their breasts, having sex with their partner, binge drinking to prove their superiority while simultaneously displaying themselves as holy and sacred mothers.

And the Jew owned media are raking in the dough by providing HD quality photographs of women exposing themselves.

Tattoos and Piercings

Women that are getting piercings and tattoos are doing it because they have a lack of self-esteem. They don’t feel that they are attractive enough. They feel that need these things to fit in, or to feel better about themselves, or to desperately get approval of some potential partner or group that probably isn’t worthy of them. It is my belief that many people who get these things are in denial about their feelings, they simply think I’m going to get this thing and it will make me so much better.

As a man, one of the most beautiful things in the world is fair, unblemished skin of an attractive woman. There’s a good biological reason for this: Skin color and tone is a good indicator of health. If a person has blotchy skin or lots of blemishes, it is a sign that they are not healthy and therefore not a good person to reproduce with.

Tattoos interfere with this natural signaling of reproductive fitness. By putting artificial blemishes on her skin, an otherwise healthy woman is inadvertently telling men that she is not a suitable wife and mother.

Like promiscuity, a man can sometimes look beyond a woman’s tattoos, but it takes some effort.


A woman’s natural role is to be a wife and a mother. A man’s natural role is to be a husband, father, and provider. This is not some artificial norm foisted upon us by some imaginary patriarchy, this is the natural order of things. In the modern day, men still carry forward the idea of being husbands and fathers, but something terrible has happened to our women. Young women are now subjected to years of indoctrination that teaches them to regard motherhood as something demeaning. Instead, women are led to believe that true fulfillment can only be found through a career.

Career women are just nasty

This has led many modern women to distrust their own desires. They may secretly want a domestic life but feel obliged to get a degree followed by years of slaving away in a corporate cubicle farm. This chews up a woman’s prime childbearing years. By the time women start having children, their hope of having a large family is already over. They’ve already become addicted to their salary so they are never able to break themselves free from their corporate drone status. This means the very best people in our society do not reproduce at replacement rates.

I am happy to report that there is a glimmer of hope that things may change. An editor at Buzzfeed recently noted that “rah-rah lean in corporate feminism” is “garbage.” Is it possible that young women will finally realize that they have been tricked by corporations to exchange the best years of their lives improving the stock values of a handful of wealthy men? If they do, I will feel vindicated.


There was a time when Americans aspired to high culture. In the early years of the US, even the coarsest Americans tried to engage the best literature. French writer Alexis de Tocqueville remarked on this amazing phenomenon:

There is hardly a pioneer’s hut that does not contain a few odd volumes of Shakespeare. I remember that I read the feudal drama of Henry V for the first time in a log cabin.

During first half of the 20th Century, the thirst that average Americans had to learn about the world around them gave rise to the great general news magazines, such as Time. Walt Disney pumped out cartoons that introduced audiences to classical music and European culture. And early television programming would mix in highbrow theatre along with the more popular fare. Americans wanted to better themselves not just financially, but culturally.

Ghettofication poster child Iggy Azalea. Her music is (c)rap. She only seems to date black guys. And her butt is strangely enormous on an otherwise normal girl.

What a change in the last 50 years! Americans have gone from seeking the best to chasing after the most degraded culture. Young women in particular have adopted the worst of black culture. They listen exclusively hip hop music and social media is now filled with pictures of white women with preternaturally large butts. But it is not just whites who are being hurt by ghettofication, blacks too have been pulled down.

The ghettofication of American women is an alarming trend because it promotes promiscuity, having children out of wedlock, and poor life habits. Unfortunately, these ghettofied young women are also reproducing which means they will pass a trash culture to their offspring.


It’s easy to blame women for all of this but it is not that simple. Most people are natural followers. They will obediently follow any dictates that their leaders put forth. This is a good thing because not everyone can be a leader. It would result in chaos. And, in a well-ordered society, it works: benevolent leaders guide their people with the same care that a father guides his child. The problem is that we do not live in a well-ordered society so both women and men end up following the wrong types of people.

We live in a culture where all the institutions are firmly under the control of progressives JEWS who are gradually phasing out every aspect of traditional society and replacing it with degeneracy. Children who are brought up in this environment will adopt the teachings that have been drummed into them by years of school and media indoctrination.

Some males, for whatever reason, have the ability to “wake up” from the progressive delusion. This is what the red pill is. Still, the majority of men stay asleep and blindly parrot the teachings that have been instilled in them by their globalist masters. Count yourself lucky if you are in the red pill minority.

Some women also demonstrate the ability to overcome their programming, but it seems like there are a lot fewer of them are awake to what is going on. While everyone is responsible for their own actions, it is not a surprise that many young women follow the advice they’ve received and end up ruining themselves in the process. That doesn’t make it any less devastating to single men who are looking for a suitable wife, but it helps us understand how we got into this mess and how we can stop it from happening in the future.

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