Trump Supporters UnHappy with Communist Statues Across the U.S.

Trump Supporters UnHappy with Communist Statues Across the U.S.

There are several statues of the Bolshevik Russia communist leader, Vladimir Lenin across the U.S. which people are beginning to protest.

There are reportedly at least three statues of jewish-bolshevik Lenin in the U.S. — one in New York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles. A group of Trump supporters gathered around the statue of Lenin in Seattle Wednesday afternoon and called for the removal of the statue.

Lenin is Communist known for killing millions of his own people, for his use of concentration camps and having his own political advisors executed.

The calls comes after a group of leftist vandals toppled a monument of a Confederate soldier in Durham, N.C., Monday evening in response to a white nationalist rally that ended with a casualty among the leftists in Charlottesville, Va. During the protest, a woman climbed up the statue located at the entrance of the Durham County courthouse and affixed a rope just after 7 p.m. EST. The group quickly pulled the statue from the its pedestal and began spitting on it and kicking it when it fell to the ground.

A group of Trump supporters decided to start a protest in front of a statue of Lenin Wednesday. Their is a Facebook group that was created, called, “Seattle, Tear Down this Vladimir Lenin statue!” Which focuses on removing the statue in Seattle.

The Lenin statue was installed in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle in the early 1990s as a public art display after a Seattle man purchased the 16-foot statue, The Seattle Times reported.

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