VIDEO: 13 Dead in Barcelona Terror Attack after Van Mows Down Crowd on Busiest Street in Barcelona, Two Suspects Arrested, One Killed

Police killed one person that jumped a traffic control in Esplugues de Llobregat, just outside Barcelona, injuring two officers with a Ford Focus. It is not know yet if this person was related to the terrorist attack in witch 13 were killed and 80 were injured, 15 very bad.

President Trump sent his condoleances and condemned the attack.

Islamic State claimed responsibility through Amaq News Agency.

Local Catalan Police (Mossos) declared in a tweet there are no suspects holed up in any establishment, and they apprehended one suspect (Ouakbir). The suspects tricked the police in believing there’s a hostage situation in order to escape.
Although TV3 reports that there is another person in custody in Manlleu where the first supect was apprehended.

Police cut the traffic on some main roads going outside Barcelona while placing security checks on the highways.

Police have apprehended the fugitive, named Driss Ouakbir, a Morrocan from Marseille (France) that have been incarcerated in Figueres until 2012 for violence.

One or more of the perpetrators are holed up in the Turkish restaurant Rey De Istanbul holding hostages and negotiating with Police.

Mossos D’Esquadra (Catalan Police) are still looking for a second person,male, 170cm tall (~5.7 ft), wearing a white shirt with blue stripes. Still at large after driving and abandoning a van with Spanish license plates 7083 JWD. The van was found 71Km (~44 miles) away, in Vic. Was rented in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda by someone named Driss El Ouakbir (definitelly African origin)

Sources reported that at least 13 people were killed in the crash and 30 others others injured, two of them critically.

Several people have been injured in a “massive crash” involving a van in Barcelona’s city center, according to police.
Authorities say the crash occurred after a white van jumped the sidewalk, and ran down the busiest street, popular with tourists. The vehicle ran 600m (~2000ft), zig-zagging on the pedestrian street, obviously trying to hit as many people as possible until it stopped on the mosaic of Joan Miro.

According to Spanish newspaper LaVanguardia, there are 20-25 victims while several are dead. The perpetrator(s) escaped on foot and entrenched in a bar on a close-bye street. One has a long riffle according to ElPeriodico. There were reports of shots been fired in LaBuqueria market.

The area where the terrorist attack happend

Authorities closed down the subway and train stations around the area and evacuated the streets from PlazaCatalunya to Portal de L’Angel.

According to ElPeriodico, CIA warned local Police, Mossos de Esquadra, two months ago that Barcelona, and in particular this same area, Las Ramblas, could be the scene of a terrorist attack like the one that occurred this afternoon. However, the authorities failed to install bollards.

Apparently the perpetrator(s) had rented a second van, to escape the area.
This happens when you take to the streets asking FOR MORE REFUGEES, like the locals did a few months ago.

160.000 Brainwashed Protesters in Barcelona urge Spain to Take in More Refugees

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