VIDEO: Judge Ambushed and Shot by Niggers at Ohio Courthouse

Judge Ambushed and Shot by Niggers at Ohio Courthouse

Judge Joseph J. Bruzzese Jr. was ambushed and shot outside Jefferson County Courthouse in Steubenville, Ohio.

According to James Mavromatis, city manager, there were two suspects in the shooting. One is dead, and a colored one is in custody.

The judge was walking from his car into the courthouse when he was ambushed. Mavromatis said the judge returned fire, and so did a probation officer following closely behind the judge. Officials believe the probation officer hit the suspect.

The judge was talking after the shooting and is said to be in stable condition. Nevertheless, he was flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh for treatment, according to Mavromatis. His family is aware of the situation.

One suspect has died after being shot by the judge or by the probation officer who both returned fire. A second suspect has been taken into custody after the shooting. Mavromatis has not released the names of the suspects, but he did say the both of them have done prison time.

“We’re starting to put this whole picture together, but basically what you have is the judge is going to work, these subjects were waiting for them. He comes up, shoots at the judge. The judge returns fire,” Mavromatis said.

“We also have a probation officer that was behind the judge. He returns fire as he is shot at. The subject is deceased that he shot at.

“This probation officer has done his job. He reacted to the threat, trying to save the judge and any other bystander that may have been in the area.”

Below you can see the second suspect being taken into custody. He dindu nuffin:

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