Dear White People…Why Shouldn’t Whites be Supreme in the Nations of Their Forefathers?

Dear white people, DON’T be afraid of the term ‘White Supremacy’. Africans are supreme in Africa… it’s not like the Chinese aren’t supreme in China.

Why shouldn’t Whites be supreme in the nations of their forefathers?

Though you are the race which brought law, justice, biological sciences, electricity, hygiene, an advanced moral code, architecture and aesthetic beauty to the world, you were unable to defend yourselves against the minority groups which you were told you must live among.

You built cities and communities in the mountains of the Switzerland and freezing Scandinavian terrain. Still, the Jews who took your print and broadcast technologies from you last century continue to insist that your race is not special – in fact, that you are evil, that you should not reproduce with your own, and should kill yourselves off through reproduction with other races.

“Open your borders,” they said.

“Intermarry.” “This,” they say, “is a good idea.”

“Europe and America must diversify, Israel must not.”

“Only Jews are allowed to preserve their genes in a Jewish only state.”

Look through the catalogue of Jewish thought in the 20th century – it is mostly the same – the pathologization (making seem sick) of healthy and strong white cultures: (Jews can’t control people who have a shared identity very easily).

Jew Freud said you are sick – “you sexually desire your mother and are fixated on your genitals and anus.”

Jew Marx said you are sick – “your culture and economy must be replaced by a religion-less worker culture – no individuals allowed.”

Jew Boas said you are sick – “White culture is no better than the naked tribesmen’s of Africa – who shit three feet from where they sleep and eat. In fact, their culture is more authentic – yours is phony.”

After a century of this, it is easy to see why you hate yourselves and let the jews open your borders to races which could never create in their lands of origin what your forefathers did.

Never mind that the African race, which had tens of thousands of years of one of the most fertile continents to itself, developed all of nothing. Whether in Haiti, Liberia, South Africa, or Detroit, blacks – on the whole- destroy and violently rot out their living environment. Is this not obvious?

“But there is no such thing as ‘nature,’” they say.

“It is all ‘nurture,’ and any problems any minority has is essentially the fault of whites.”

Is this not what you have been subtly taught from the Jewish intellectuals and the media they’ve conquered?

Though we can talk candidly about dog breeds having different traits in behavior and intelligence, Whites must never acknowledge that they are being forced to subsidize and let wolves into their culture. Though you are bombarded with anti-white movies and editorials, blacks kill and rape whites many thousands percent more than whites ever had blacks (The FBI often classifies Mestizos perpetrators as “white,” making the statistics even less). Still you do nothing.

Dear whites, there is no such thing as “white supremacism.” It is obvious that you don’t want to be “supreme” over anyone. You move further and further out into the country and suburbs to get away from these people. And you remove your children from public schools to get away from them. And as they follow you, you will move again.

Both Jews and Blacks need your societies. They can not exist without you, your work, your innate productivity, or your tax dollars. You are the host to the world’s parasites. What will the world be like once they have genetically erased you, when they have “browned” you out of existence? Do you think a great city could ever be built again? Only you and some of the Asian races are capable of such things.

On what day and in what year will you say “No, we will not run anymore. It is not our faults. We feel no guilt that you are inherently incapable of making and sustaining a safe and healthy culture. There is something distinct and wonderful about having white genes, and they must be preserved.” When will you stand up as “racial realist,” instead of cowering from the label “racist?”

When will white Americans stand up for themselves? When will you demand White living space and White-owned media – the only option to having a safe and stable nation (One which does not slavishly fight the Jews’ wars)?

You will soon be minority. Do you think you will be liberally granted “equality” once they are the majority? They are bringing the third world here. What a mistake you’ve made.

Race is a reality, and yours is on the way out. Racial differences do exist and are not relative.

H/T: Weev

Letter to the White Race

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