Securing Our Future: The Wall & Border Security

One of the most foundational and principal tasks governments have had for over 2,000 years has been to secure and maintain its borders. The once great Western Roman Empire, spanning centuries, fell not because of a superior rival or total through war as so many others have. Rome fell as a result of barbarians slowly encroaching upon her borders. Border security has been discussed in the US for decades, and has seen even more feverish discussion since Donald Trump threw his hat into the political arena, bringing the issue to the forefront of the political landscape.

Something about the discussion of border policy and security always seemed somewhat disingenuous to me. There is an almost absurdity that creeps around the topic. A sort of dramatic irony lurking in the shadows, an irony I was never able to put into words. That is until I happened to stumble upon a documentary about strife in Africa where I saw something incredible — African warlords, with 60-year-old AK-47s, that are able to secure territorial borders, while the most well-funded military in human history cannot stop low-skilled Mexicans from invading the USA. This is, of course, a deliberate policy decision.

The US government as well as the governments of Europe are choosing not to enforce our borders. They are choosing to instead use our tax dollars to help fund the invasion. This raises several questions, what does our military actually defend, other than the government’s ability to replace the founding stock of the nation? How would a foreign occupation look any different? Men storming the gates, securing territory, installing their own people as government officials, murdering and raping the native population, and looting coffers. Every aspect of our lack of borders and immigration policy is far more akin to a nation being invaded by a hostile army, and less of a rational policy choice made by people with the concerns of their citizens in mind.

US citizens spend a little over $600 billion on the military, or an average of $12,000 per tax-paying household.[1] For that $600 billion what do we get? Around 1.3 million active-duty military personnel, 15% of which, about 193,000 are deployed overseas.[2] None of those people are protecting US borders, or the borders of our European cousins, for that matter.

I believe I have a plan that will actually work. The United States-Mexico border is less than 2,000 miles long. There are 1,760 yards in a mile. If we were to deploy an armed member of the US military every 100 yards along the border, it would take 35,200 people to line the border. Having soldiers take 8-hour shifts, it would require 105,600 soldiers to cover every 100 yards of the entire length of the US-Mexico border, just over half the number of military personnel that are actively deployed overseas right now.

The money is already being spent for military deployments. The infrastructure is already in place. There would be no additional cost, only the opportunity cost of whatever we would hypothetically be losing by bringing our military home, to secure our own borders, and ensure the safety of our own people. Marines and Army infantry could be deployed tonight along the border, with enough MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) to last until mess halls were setup every few miles. Shortly after the Marines and Army arrive to secure the border, support personnel could follow to build camps while wall construction begins. Without any additional funding, we could use military funds and the US Army Corps of Engineers to begin immediately. Further military personal would be needed to provide support roles along the border wall and in the camps, those currently on active duty could just as easily be stationed on the border Fort as they are anywhere else in the US.

The border is a dangerous place. In November of 2017, a border agent was killed by men who used rocks to murder him and seriously wound his partner.[3] Clearly no place for small patrols and a patchwork group of agencies running in all different directions. These are the kinds of dangerous invaders flooding into our nation. There are tens of thousands of criminal aliens in US prisons, who have committed millions of crimes, ranging from drug trafficking to rape and murder.[4] The cost to police them, prosecute them, and incarcerate them, is tremendous. The psychological effects on our citizens are even worse. Before long, we will follow in the vein of Europe, where we are afraid to leave our homes out of fear of the hostile alien invaders.[5]

Deploying the US military along the border is necessity at this point. If the US government continues to refuse to stop the invasion, it becomes even clearer they are openly advocating for our demographic demise. When I realized how minimal the costs are in terms of both human personnel and dollars, I came to see the US government as less and less legitimate. A government that is purposefully not enforcing borders is illegitimate and one that no longer serves the interest of the people it was created to protect. They exist for a purpose outside the scope of our best interest and protection.

Not only is there a clear necessity, border deployments will add a level of morale to those serving in our armed forces. For the first time since perhaps the American Revolution, our military will be taking up arms to actually secure the safety and freedom of the American people. Instead of fighting needless foreign wars created to secure the borders of Israel at the behest of Neo-con warmongers, they will be truly serving the nation they believe in and love.

Between 2003 and 2009, the timeframe of The General Accounting Office’s (GAO) report on illegal migrants, there were just over 115,000 murders. Illegal invaders committed over 25,000 of those murders, almost 22% of the murders committed by 3.5% or so of the total population.[6] Well over 25,000 dead Americans, because our government refuses to secure our border.

The cost of the wall, whatever it may be, should never be so much as a consideration. I’ve seen reports ranging from $15 billion, to $70 billion, with high-end maintenance estimates of $150 million per year.[7] Looking at the wider perspective, even the high-end estimates are negligible. Our foreign aid budget in 2016 was $37.9 billion, with Israel being the largest benefactor at $3.1 billion per year.[8] We pay tens of billions of dollars per year, to ensure Israel, Africa, and the Middle East remain “stable,” and ensuring Israel has a fortress-walled ethno-state, while our own border remains entirely porous. Cutting all foreign aid for a mere two years would pay for a $70 billion dollar wall. Reducing funding to Israel from $3.1 billion to $2.95 billion would cover any maintenance cost for our wall for the years to come.

Illegal invaders are estimated to pay $19 billion per year in state and federal taxes; they use however, nearly $135 billion dollars per year. A record deficit of $116 billion for the year.[9] That is more than enough money to build a northern wall too, if we were so inclined. These figures include the so-called contributions of DACA “dreamers”, which is no surprise, as the majority of “native” born Hispanics in the US are on welfare. 54% of legal Hispanic households receive some form of welfare, over double the rate of White households at 23%.[10]

The cost of foreign aid and the burden of illegal invaders are already more than enough to fund the construction and maintenance of a border wall. However, back to the $600 billion we already pay for the military, whatever we are currently doing with that money, it is not being as well spent as it could be. Over 25,000 families have lost a loved one at the hands of an illegal invader. In the eight years the US was involved in the Vietnam war, 58,000 Americans lost their lives. In the seven years the GAO report covered, over 25,000 Americans lost their lives to a foreign enemy. This is nothing short of staggering. Countless have been raped, poisoned by the drugs flowing across the border, and the societal effects have been devastating. The money for the wall is not only there, it is imperative. Very clearly.

Not only is a wall and military needed, I am entirely in favor for a permanent installation along the border. The US military has over 800 military bases around the globe, placing a permanent fort running the length of the border, or several satellite camps should be well within the scope of this discussion.

Many “conservatives” are not willing to take the necessary actions to conserve anything. They are not interested in a wall, mass-deportations, and the purging of all those complicit in this creeping invasion. What they are really saying, is that to them, the cost of securing our nation is greater than the cost of losing our nation, and that is simply an unacceptable proposition. Those we have elected to protect our nation are not at all interested in conserving our borders, our culture, or our people, they are not interested in conserving anything at all. Certainly nothing of value. Our survival and safety is not negotiable.

The reason African warlords with 60-year-old AK-47s are able to maintain territorial borders is quite simple. They are not afraid to use those rifles. The cost of protecting our borders, whatever it may be, is less than the cost of being subjected to millions of crimes, being subjected to rape, murder, drug epidemics, and supporting the invasion via welfare. Perhaps our government and the majority of our fellow citizens do not see this for what this really is, total war. We should act as such. Many have remarked my view is hyperbolic or extreme. I disagree. You cannot save your nation from destruction with your head in the sand and pretending that you are not in the throes of a war for survival.

Governments have been able to secure territorial borders for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest functions of government. 2,500 years ago the ancient Grecians put the Persian invaders to sword and fire to protect their land and people. Now suddenly nearly every last Western nation has forgotten this long-standing European tradition? These are illegitimate occupation governments being run by a hostile elite, not Europeans with a concern for their own people.

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